Interior Inspiration – Bathrooms

A great interest of mine is interior design. As a person I love to stay home in my safe happy place. To keep my living space nice and inspirational has always been important to me, therefor I enjoy looking through furniture websites a little bit too much and pretending to look for a house in Canada with a 10 million dollar budget. But hey, a girl can dream right? Here is a few of my bathroom favourites from my Pinterest.

Details details details. A grand golden mirror and some fresh flowers or plants – baam bathroom goals.

All white is way too bright while all black is way to dark. But oh yay for all grey! Crazy in love with the bathroom to the right, not to mention that balcony or that tub.

This one though… The walls, the window, the bathtub, the rug, the shower, the everything… A bathroom does´nt have to be so cold and unwelcoming (is that a word?). I could for sure imagine myself lighting candles, listening to music and staying in this bathroom for hours. Just how every room should feel.

It is all about the details. Especially the gold ones. I love the cabinets to the left and all of the details to the right.

A smaller bathroom than my other favourite but check out that giant bathtub though. And the rose gold details.

Last but not least – a little bit of luxury. The sink and the shelves to the right and that amazing marble with the gold details to the right. Lets buy a house shall we?

If you wish to see even more inspiration like this you can go ahead and check out my pinterest page right here:


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